We are a Swedish development company that specializes in bringing new environmental technology products to market and Ethanol is within our area of interest as we work with small-scale Biogas Reactor and Water Purification Solutions with MBR / IC reactors and modern waste solutions based on the Circular Principle we have developed in Turkey with partners around about in Europe.

We can now offer a production process that provides a production of ethanol with very interesting results: a fermentation time of only 4 hours is an absolute record.

We are now looking for partners and investors to realize this new concept on the market. Read more here.




Our Service

  1. Economic calculation
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Planning
  4. Detailed Planning
  5. Handle a construction site
  6. Handling technolgy
  7. Service and support

Our working process, Work Packages


Waste management

An economic explanation model to clarify the need for a real "prospecting / preliminary study“

Better to think big and do right from the start.

To be able to develop good circular solutions, it requires training, skills and good system support to be able to develop locally recycled products and services.

We offers complete solution.together with our network of supliers



Biogas - The Perfect Energy Source


Biogas is a renewable energy source with many different production pathways and various excellent opportunities to use.

Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of organic matter including manure, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste, biodegradable waste, energy crops or any other biodegradable feedstock. Biogas is comprised primarily of methane and carbon dioxide.



Stirred Catalytic Basket Reactor-SCBR, a new approach.

We can now offer a production process that provides a production of ethanol with very interesting results: a fermentation time of only 4 hours is an absolute record.

We want to get in touch with you to present the project and what we together can get out of it.

We have been commissioned by a researcher, Professor Armando Gamarra, Argentina, to try to bring his unique research results to market. After studying both the market, players, other reports and actors around the world, we have decided to invest in this interesting project


Energy efficiency

using Nano fluids into closed HVAC systems

In short, our solution is about utilizing liquid flows in all heating and cooling systems and with a simple injection of HTF Compact during ongoing operation, increasing heat or cooling capacity which radically reduces electricity consumption and other loads on existing systems.

The benefits and experiences with Nanofluids in closed heating and cooling systems.

Energy saving.

We guarantee an energy saving saving of 25% using HTF Compact alone, but often the savings turn out to reach 30-35% when equipment and other things are tuned and the measurable aggregating saving is then much greater.

CO2 reduction

The reduction of 950 gr CO2/Kwh gives a measurable reduction in CO2 emissions of the same size as in KWh, which is a lot and should weigh heavily in all decision-making processes.

Extended service life of pumps and other heating and cooling equipment

It has been shown in countless measurements that the lifespan of equipment is extended, which also provides large capital savings and provides a better LCC value.


A payoff of less than 2 years is profitable and with today's rampant electricity prices it can even go even faster to get the investment back.


Investor & new Partners

We are now looking for investors who can come in with seed money to take the development to the next step, TRL 5-6. We need 300,000 Euro for project management, documentation, project applications, travel and lab tests at various universities in Europe.
We offer co-ownership as well as options for the next step.

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