Energy efficiency

when it's at it's best

In short, our solution is about utilizing liquid flows in all heating and cooling systems and with a simple injection of HTF Compact during ongoing operation, increasing heat or cooling capacity which radically reduces electricity consumption and other loads on existing systems.


Energy efficiency in waterborne heating and cooling systems

Our solution:

1. Water analysis through partners.

2. Cleaning and PH adjustment using new vacuum technology from the USA. Read more here about KFM

3.Installation of 5% HTF Nanofluid, through partners.

  • The entire process can be carried out without having to shut down the system.
  • The result is estimated to give the system an efficiency of up to 70%.
  • Reduced energy consumption of 25-30%.
    A payoff of between 1-3 years depending on the condition of the system.
  • Reduced consumption of Glycol in cooling systems as 90% is reused.
  • An increased lifetime of the system and less maintenance.
    Reduces Co2 emissions directly after installation.
  • CO2 saving = 950 g/kWh /year.

Breakthrough in energy saving with the help of Nanotechnology.

Switching to HTF Compact as a cooling / heating medium is an extremely good idea.

New methods, new opportunities

"To measure is to know"

Start measuring and analyzing data.

Changing "Business as usual"

Energy Optimization, Short ROI

-Predictive maintenance provides reliability

Surveillance of:

- Performance

- Energy consumption -

-Early warnings

-Benchmark in the property portfolio

Reduces your CO2 emissions

EEF / IVL ins Sweden has developed a measurement tool,  "Time steps" that gives a value of the CO2 reduction / KwH.

The calculation in the “Time steps” uses 950 g CO2 / kWh when reducing electricity use today, which we also recommend.

This means that a reduction of up to 30% in electricity consumption results in a significant reduction in CO2 through a simple installation of Nano liquids in heating and cooling systems.

Applications for HTF Compact

HTF Compact fits well in refrigeration and heating systems and reduces energy consumption by up to 40%


- Increase your operating net

- Get a smoother indoor climate

- Satisfied tenants

- No impact on living environment during installation

You make a difference for the climate and the environment


- Increase your operating net

- Get an increased cooling capacity at a lower cost

- No effect on operation during installation

Easy to monitor

There are current references

You make a difference for the climate and the environment


NxNANO new distributor on the Nordic market for KFM

Now we introduce the KFM vacuum

mobile distillation apparatus for cooling systems on the Nordic market.

In tests with other systems, KFM has verified a result of being able to separate glycol from the energy carrier by approx. 95%.

Very superior filtration process.

Extensively tested and approved by OEMs.

Meets the requirements of MIL Spec, United States Military Standard & NATO (antifreeze.

Hundreds of government installations worldwide use this model.

GSA listed.

Read more here

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We are thrilled to announce that NxNANO AB  is one of the 108 startups featured on the Swedish Climate Startup Map!
This new initiative aims to showcase innovative startups developing innovations with the potential to help accelerate the green transition.

Check out the Map here:

The project is led by Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP and Sting and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Tillväxtverket, Vinnova and Energimyndigheten.

Partner offer

Does it sound interesting to become a customer of ours and / or part of our dealer network?

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

NxNANO AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Viessmann as our Distributor for the Norwegian market. It gives us a quick start-up in the Nordics.

We have a number of discussions with several players in Heating / Cooling / Energy Optimization in Scandinavia.