TCT Nanotech

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HTF Compact is one of many TCT Nanotech products.

At TCT NANOTECH, we believe that new innovations are the only way for human evolution to overcome well-known challenges.

At TCT Nanotech, we have decided that our mission is to make it possible for everyone to have access to the enormous benefits that nanotechnology applications can bring to the world.

Because we know that nanotechnology is a scientific field in constant development, we are happy to provide our knowledge to help you throughout the innovation process where our knowledge and products can improve companies' products in many subject areas.

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In 2003, TCT took a bold step into nanotechnology applications, we were inspired by the development that these technologies can give to so many different parts of our lives.

Since then, we have created a unique set of expertise and a wide range of applications that have been developed internally to create a more sustainable world for future generations.

TCT has its own manufacturing and research lab in Brindisi, in southern Italy and where they also have their own test bed. TCT collaborates with the leading universities in Italy that guarantee to maintain high quality.

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