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We are a company that wants to contribute to building a more sustainable future by thinking a little outside the box. With our curiosity, experience, energy and drive, we are not afraid to take the calculated risks that introductions of new products and services on the market entail.

Many companies focus heavily on finding innovative ways to reduce energy consumption around the world and create added value that enables companies and real estate to maintain their profitability, as global energy reserves are depleted and energy costs continue to rise.

The conventional heat transfer systems associated with industries such as microelectronics, transportation, manufacturing, power generation, heat transfer in real estate and many other technologies have lagged behind. Cooling is a major challenge for many industries, where the operation of equipment can produce a large amount of excess heat, and this may soon hamper the development of future technologies in terms of design and efficiency.

Liquids are often used in refrigeration systems to dissipate heat or maintain an even temperature, but a "nanofliquid" refrigerant can significantly improve the cooling process, which benefits a number of industries, such as industrial machinery, electric motors, medical equipment, power generation and the process industry.

This also applies to the reverse in heating systems where "nano liquids" conduct heat much faster and thereby reduce the load on pumps and other equipment. Water is the most common liquid in all heating systems in properties. HTF Compact together with our product WES - water-improving solution to stabilize that the right PH value is in the system is tomorrow's coolant.

In short, our solution is about utilizing liquid flows in all heating and cooling systems and with a simple injection of HTF Compact during ongoing operation increase heat or cooling capacity which radically reduces electricity consumption and other loads on existing systems and is experienced positively by users.

When it comes to radiators, users experience a better and more even heat from the radiator. For property owners, a simple, fast energy efficiency with fast payoff and large measurable CO2 reduction.


Our business idea is to, together with selected strategic partners, introduce and together offer new both cost- and energy- and environmentally efficient complete solutions in areas such as Real Estate, Schools, Hotels, Arenas, Datacenters, the Food Industry and other Industries that have heating / cooling-intensive operations

Against this background, we have established collaborations with some of the leading players in heating, cooling and property automation in the Baltic Sea area.

It is now our intention to, in close collaboration with these, introduce HTF Compact®,. a patented nanobasic solution that can be injected during ongoing operation into most closed, liquid-based heating and cooling systems and that can improve energy consumption by up to 40%.

The patents are held by Italian TCT Nanotech, a business area within TCT SRL.

NxNano AB has the exclusive market rights to HTF Compact® in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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Anders Galfvensjö



With over thirty years of experience in corporate management and law, I have gained solid experience from assignments with leading companies, both in and outside Sweden, mainly in the automotive industry and the casino and experience industry.

Nils af Winklefelt



I have a background as an Entrepreneur in modern waste management, water purification and energy efficiency. Background as a Sea Captain and MSc in Economics and systems scientist with a focus on strategic business development, business models and growth. Has contributed to many startups in IT, Education and Environmental Technology.

Samad Davis, Partner

Keyaccount MEA 


Samad Davis is responsible for managing key stakeholder relationships and business development between North America, MEA  and Dubai. He is a US based entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been working in various sectors across Africa for over a decade and has developed strong, influential, political and commercial networks across Africa/MEA and the United States in the process. He has focused on developing business and trade opportunities between the US private sector and emerging markets in Africa.