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New business partner in Dubai/MEA

NxNANO AB Signs a cooperation agreement with Pan Africa Group Holdings USA, / Dubai as our partner for the MEA and Dubai market. It gives us a quick start-up in the MEA area.

We very much hope for this energetic group of companies in Dubai.

NxNANO AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Viessmann as our Distributor for the Norwegian market. It gives us a quick start-up in the Nordics.

We also have a cooperation and development agreement with KTC.

We have a number of discussions with several players in Heating / Cooling / Energy Optimization in Scandinavia.

Thoughts on Nanotechnology

Partner offer

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Debate article on Nanov liquids and when does the benefit of society outweigh the environmental risk?
Nanotechnology has come to stay.
The market for commercialization of nanotechnology is undeveloped with the exception of medical technology. Development in the construction sector is hindered in part by shortcomings in customer competence in procurement and by concerns among players that the health and environmental effects are still unclear. It slows down the development and introduction of a societal benefit, mainly in heating and cooling systems where large societal benefits can be achieved quickly and easily. We are talking about an energy saving potential of about 30% / year with an equally large reduction in CO2 emissions. With the help of nanotechnology, global goals of most sustainability goals such as clean water and sanitation (6), sustainable energy (7), but above all the more comprehensive goals of sustainable consumption and production (12) and combating climate change (13) can be achieved.
But do the environmental risks outweigh the great benefits that society, companies can achieve by using modern technology? I can see many counterproductive measures today between different authorities that make it difficult to introduce new products on the market.