Slideshow on how HTF Compact works



HTF Compact is the only nano liquid on the market that is marketed as a compact solution.

"Compact" means that our product only needs to replace 5% of an existing system volume.

It is installed after a simple feasibility study of water quality which is normally carried out in less than one working day.

The system does not need to be shut down, but is installed during normal operation and it takes less than a day to complete without any malfunctions.

Optimization and adjustment of the system is done instantly when measurement data is obtained in real time.


Old heating systems, older than 15 years

The great challenge for property owners is perceived by many to be in the management of a larger inhomogeneous property portfolio, consisting of a majority of older buildings with a high variety of digital solutions for property management.

What is the strategy for dealing with an emerging complex flora of isolated, partially and fully integrated systems for property automation?

NxNANO AB complements HTF Compact with the installation of fairly sustainable investment decisions on the gradual introduction of digital property automation at portfolio level in your property portfolio.

We collaborate with the world's leading players in intelligent energy optimization.

To achieve our vision, we help others connect their properties and with smart products and services

Manage their energy consumption in a more cost-effective and climate-smart way.


New heating systems

which does not have any rust and deposition problems yet.

We work with highly competent companies in heating and cooling as well as in building automation to achieve the best results.

By balancing the heating systems at the same time as you install HTF Compact, you can increase the energy savings by an additional 10-20% of the heating cost.

In addition to this, you get a better and more even indoor climate and each apartment has the same opportunity to regulate its temperature.

We offer you Nano-liquid and system monitoring

The nano liquid is delivered in different packages depending on the order.

Since we have our factory in Italy and the goods are transported by car directly to the customer, we can cut costs.

We will also have an intermediate warehouse in Sweden and Norway.

Monitoring system for heating and cooling

Together with our partners, we can offer various solutions to optimize the installation of HTF Compact in your system.

Contact us for the best solution that is compatible with your system. All our solutions are open to other property systems.